Created on Purpose


You were created on purpose to promote His glory and execute His will.

Nay more, you were created on purpose to be His servants, His friends, His members; you were created that He might redeem you by His blood, sanctify you by His grace, dwell in you by His spirit, form in you His image, raise you to heaven by His power, and show forth the unsearchable riches of His glory in you as vessels of mercy, through eternity.

You were created that at the last day, Christ, your exalted Redeemer and Lord may be glorified in you as His work, and admired, as He will be, in all them that believe.

You were created, that like so many planets, you may revolve around Christ, the Sun of Righteousness, drink in light, and love, and glory, from his beams, and reflect those beams to the admiring eyes of fellow saints and angels forever and ever. … Ought you not always to remember that you are not your own, that you are bought with a price, that you are bound by every tie to glorify Christ in your bodies and in your spirits which are His?

-Edward Payson, 1783-1827

You can read the entire sermon here.

All things were created through Him and for Him.

Colossians 1:16

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