Mercy’s Door

Here’s a short excerpt from a message from 18th century preacher Joseph Bellamy of Cheshire, Connecticut. It’s a passionate plea to the man who is living in rebellion against his Creator. The Christian can look back on a time when he was that rebellious man. Sadly, the lost person is there now.

“Do you know that this is God’s world? That you are God’s creatures and subjects? That He is your Lord and owner? That He has an entire right to you and an absolute authority over you? That you are entirely dependent upon Him, infinitely indebted to Him, and absolutely under His government?

Do you know that the Lord your God is a great God and a great King, infinitely worthy of all love, honor, and obedience? Do you see what a great evil it is to rise in rebellion against the Most High, slight His authority, throw off His government, break His laws, go contrary to Him, and do the abominable thing which His soul hates?

Do you see what contempt this casts upon God and how it tends to grieve His heart for a worm to set up himself against the Almighty, for a creature absolutely dependent to turn his back upon His Creator in whose hands are his life and breath?

Do you see the grievous error of loving sin more than the infinitely glorious God, of delighting in earthly pleasures more than in the Supreme Fountain of all good, of being more concerned to please fellow-rebels and secure their favor than to please the sovereign Lord of the universe and secure His favor?

Look around! See what you are doing! See where you are going! Consider what the end will be! Can your hands be strong or your heart endure, O guilty rebel, when God Almighty shall come forth to deal with you according to your crimes?

Behold, now is the day of grace. God is ready to be reconciled.

A door of mercy is opened by the blood of the Son of God.

Pardon and peace are proclaimed to a rebellious and guilty world. Repent, therefore, and be converted that your sins may be blotted out.”

I found this message in the book Salvation in Full Color, a collection of Great Awakening sermons. Our church used it in a book study a few years ago.

One comment on “Mercy’s Door

  1. Bruce Brown says:

    No matter how bad we have been, He is always waiting to take us back. It is up to us to make the move to Him.


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