Midway Walkway


You’ve likely seen the moving walkways they have in airports. Alice and I take advantage of the walkway at the Chicago Midway Airport on our travels to see the grandchildren. Once on board it’s easy to start “people watching” or talking to your fellow traveller and forget that you’re moving forward. You just glide along.

If we’re not careful, we as Christians can go through life like that. We can become so distracted by what’s around us that we forget that we’re moving forward. We lose sight of the fact that with each tick of the clock we’re moving closer to a point when our “ride” will come to an end.

In Psalm 90, we find reason to resist living like that. The plea of Moses was that God would “teach us to number our days.” There’s no day that shouldn’t carry kingdom significance for the believer.  

British pastor Charles Simeon (1759-1836) preached to his congregation from Colossians 1 about the preeminence of Christ. Here are a few thoughts he shared that I believe can help us as we think about making the most of each day.

O! humble yourselves before [Christ]; and now set yourselves with all diligence to honour and to glorify His name.

Let it no longer be a doubt, either in your own minds or in the minds of any that behold you, who has the preeminence in your souls.

Give yourselves wholly to Him: live altogether for Him: let your daily and hourly inquiry be, ‘Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?’

We have a limited time on the walkway. May God help us to make wise use of it.

The sermon I quoted from is titled The Glory of Christ and it can be found when you click here. You’ll have to scroll past 2 other sermons.

Charles Simeon, a friend of John Newton, served for 49 years as the pastor of Trinity Church in Cambridge, England. Read or listen to Dr. John Piper’s meditations on this faithful believer’s life by clicking here.

One comment on “Midway Walkway

  1. Nanette says:

    A great session for today’s busy people in such a busy world.


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