Unbroken Communion

I’ve been reading a small book about prayer that my pastor has quoted from recently. It’s called The Hidden Life of Prayer and it was written by Scottish pastor David McIntyre.

Reverend McIntyre talks about believers continually communicating with God throughout the course of the day. It’s that “pray without ceasing” life that the Bible promotes.

Here are a couple nuggets – old language and all – that benefited me. Hopefully, God will use them to help you as you think about what it means to visit with your Father throughout the day.

“The soil in which the prayer of faith takes root is a life of unbroken communion with God, a life which the windows of the soul are always open towards the City of Rest.

We do not know the true potency of prayer until our hearts are so steadfastly inclined to God that our thoughts turn to Him, as by a Divine instinct, whenever they are set free from the consideration of earthly things.

The saints of the Middle Ages allowed each passing incident to summon them to intercession – the shadow of the dial, the church bell, the flight of the swallow, the rising of the sun, the falling of a leaf.

One whose life is spent in fellowship with God will constantly seek and find opportunities for swift and frequently-recurring approaches to the throne of grace.”

 ~David McIntyre, 1859-1938

What an incredible privilege it is to be able to talk with the one true God as we navigate the moments that make up each day. We ask Him for help. We acknowledge our dependence on Him. We intercede for those in need. There’s praise and thanksgiving. And that’s just our side of the conversation. Surely He will give us spiritual ears to hear all the things that He has to say to us.