Keep Praying

bogomil-mihaylov-699099-unsplashWhen my son Zak was about seven years old, he and I ran the 6.2 miles of the Gum Tree race in Tupelo. A portion of the course took us through a shaded neighborhood where the residents sat in their lawn chairs cheering us on.

“Looking good! Keep it up!”

It’s funny how a few words from someone can stir your heart to continue. That holds true for those neighbors on Clayton Street and I’ve found that it holds true for saints of old who’ve spoken to me through their writings.

19th century believer J.C. Ryle penned this helpful exhortation to folks like you and me who sometimes become weary from years of praying for those we love.

Let us pray for all – the worst, the hardest, and the most unbelieving.

Let us continue praying for them year after year, in spite of  their continued unbelief. God’s time of mercy may be a distant one.

Our eyes may not see an answer to our intercession. The answer may not come for ten, fifteen, or twenty years. It may not come until we have exchanged prayer for praise, and are far away from this world. But while we live, let us pray for others.

It is the greatest kindness we can do to any one, to speak for him to our Lord Jesus Christ.

~J. C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospels, Mark VII

Take comfort in the wonderful truth that God hears our every prayer and He will answer when He sees fit to do so. And He will answer in a way that’s best. We must trust in our all-wise Father. We trust and we keep praying.

God’s Lamb

“He was the true Lamb which Abraham told Isaac at Moriah [that] God would provide.

He was the true Lamb to which every morning and evening sacrifice in the temple daily pointed.

He was the Lamb which Isaiah had prophesied, that He would be ‘brought to the slaughter.’

He was the true Lamb of which the passover lamb in Egypt had been a vivid type.

In short, He was the great propitiation for sin which God had covenanted from all eternity to send to the world.

He was God’s Lamb.

Let us serve Him as our Master. Let us obey Him loyally as our King. Let us study His teaching as our Prophet. Let us walk diligently after Him as our Example. Let us look anxiously for Him as our coming Redeemer of body as well as our soul.

But above all, let us prize Him as our sacrifice, and rest our whole weight on His death as an atonement for sin. Let His precious blood be more precious in our eyes every year we live.

Whatever else we glory in about Christ, let us glory above all things in His cross. This is the corner-stone, this is the citadel, this is the rule of true Christian theology. We know nothing about Christ, until we see Him with John the Baptist’s eyes, and can rejoice in Him as ‘the Lamb that was slain.’ ”

~J. C. Ryle from Expository Thoughts on the Gospels

“The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him and said, ‘Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!'”

~John 1:29 (ESV)